Friday, 19 May 2023

It's all over!

 WELL DONE children for being SUPERSTARS during our week in Kingswood.

Could you take 5 minutes out of your weekend to comment on this post, saying what you thought of your week and whether you would recommend it to next year's Year 6 children.  

Perhaps you could also say a little THANK YOU to the fabulous adults (Mrs Marshall,  Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Rance, Mr Geeson and Miss Pelham) who looked after you so well.

Have a great weekend

God bless

Mr Parascandolo

Thursday, 18 May 2023

The Last Post

It's just after 10.30pm on Thursday evening and (nearly) every child is fast asleep - and no wonder after another fun filled day of laughter and adventure.

So, there may be a few sets of photos to add, later tonight, but this is the last post!

After breakfast this morning, we set off for more fun group activities. Back together for lunch (hot dogs or cheese and onion pasties and potato wedges).

Then off for more activities and perhaps the most challen
ging so far - abseiling! The children were so brave and many of them conquered their fears to step 'over the edge'. When they were not taking part they were supporting and encouraging those who were less confident - so lovely to see!

Back together for dinner - southern fried chicken or mac n cheese fish cakes!, followed by strawberry ice cream.We gave a big THANK YOU to the catering staff who have worked so hard and been so friendly throughout the week (I think it's quite unusual for schools to do this but it's so important for our children to be grateful for all that they receive).

Next it was time to don the Hawaiian outfits! We had the beach completely to ourselves and your children had so much fun playing in the sand, building sandcastles - when will they ever get the chance to do that again with 57 of their friends?!

So, we trudged back up the hill, shook the sand from our feet and for some of us it was time to crowd around our phones to listen to or watch the second half of a very important West Ham game!

We get up early tomorrow, strip our beds, take our suitcases to the holding area, before breakfast at 8:20am. We will then take part in two more activities before boarding the coach and waving goodbye to a holiday that the children will hopefully remember for years to come.

Aside from the many activities they have challenged themselves to take part in, they have faced even bigger challenges of sharing a room with others, making their own beds, trying new food and being independent.  Please remind them that they have gone without their phones for nearly a week AND survived!

All of the adults will agree that they have been an absolute joy and, as always, we have received many compliments about their friendliness, good nature and consistently superb behaviour.


They have displayed excellent manners and have represented their families and our school brilliantly. Each and every one of them has been extremely brave, conquering their fears and achieving so much.  Most importantly, they have developed further their friendships, have been kind and encouraging, supported one another with kind words and actions, and even a hug or two when needed.  They will arrive home tomorrow afternoon better prepared for their next big adventure, when they move on to secondary school in September.  However, they may need dunking in a warm soapy bath before you get too close!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the following five people:

Mrs Marshall, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Rance, Miss Pelham and Mr Geeson.

Nothing has been too much trouble for these wonderful adults and they have given the children superb care 24 hours a day, and always with a beaming smile.

They have proved that not all superheroes wear capes!  

Although you will be desperate to grab your child and take them home tomorrow afternoon, please turn them around and ensure that they say a massive THANK YOU!


Please share all of the blog posts with your child during the weekend as they

haven't seen any of these photos and will love telling you about their adventures.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow afternoon

God bless

Mr Parascandolo

Hawaiian Beach Night


Abseiling - all groups

 Very brave children on perhaps the most challenging activity.

Everyone tried, even if it was just climb to the top.

Lots of photos to look at here I'm afraid!

3G Swing - Mrs Hopkins

 Videos to follow later

Buggy Build - Mrs Marshall


Low Ropes - Mrs Hopkins


Fire Lighting & Shelter Building - Mrs Marshall, Mrs Rance & Mr Geeson


Nightline - Mrs Hopkins and Mr Geeson (Photos now working!)

Lots of videos to watch first and then scroll down to see photos from the Nightline activity

Thursday Morning - Our Last Full Day

Good morning from Kingswood!

Yesterday was a very busy day and there wasn't much time to upload photos and videos but we're nearly up to date!

A busy morning of activities yesterday so you can imagine how pleased the children were when they found out that there were burgers, chips and onion rings for lunch!

The afternoon was amazing - a few hours of memories made on our (almost) private beach, which is 5 mins walk from the centre - please look at this slideshow and the videos if you haven't done so already.

I think the children could have stayed all evening but we hadn't eaten for a few hours so returned to the dining hall (after a shower for some of our sandy girls).  Chicken sausages, mash and peas for dinner and then ready for our evening activity, when we all joined together for a campfire.  Singing, games, jokes and toasted marshmallows - great fun had by all.  

Having heard all of that , you can imagine that the children didn't really need any encouragement to go to bed and they were asleep fairly quickly!  

It's just before 6am on Thursday morning and silence reigns - glorious!

Bracing ourselves for the task of opening the boys' bedroom doors this morning so might leave that a little while longer!  Then off to breakfast at 8:20, followed by another morning of activity - the children will be taking part in:

Fire Lighting, Low Ropes, Shelter Building, Buggy Build, 3G Swing, and exploring Minibeasts.

The sun is already shining brightly so we are going to have another amazing day!

If you have been looking at the blog I probably don't need to tell you that your children are having the time of their lives! 

Look out for more posts later and have a good day.

Mr Parascandolo